Planning permission and building regulations

The first stage of any building project is to ensure that all planning requirements are satisfied. Our architects will draw up the initial concept plans to show exactly what you propose to do with your property.

The second stage of a building project is to obtain Building Control Approval. This is a separate process from Planning Permission and is needed to make sure that your building satisfies Building Regulations. Further detailed plans and specifications need to be drawn up showing all of the technical and construction details of your project.

Westbridge Construction have developed a strong base of professional architects and interior designers working on projects throughout London. We are able to work with our clients in several ways.


How can we help you?

1. We deliver a complete design and build service, employing our own professional architects

2. We can refer you to a professional architect who we know and trust

3. We are also happy to work with our clients’ architects


The build stage of any project will only run efficiently if the builder has a good set of plans, therefore, Westbridge only employ professional architects who we know and trust. Good architects will have the following qualities:

  • The ability to deliver creative designs whilst achieving what the client desires
  • The ability to draw up the plans according to the client’s budget, (so as not to cause the client any unnecessary expense)
  • The ability to successfully navigate through local authorities’ rules and regulations
  • The ability to draw up the plans incorporating all necessary detail which can be understood by both the client and the builder