At Westbridge Construction Ltd, we understand that many people choose a construction company from recommendations. We’d like to share with you some feedback from some of our clients and professionals in the property industry:


“Dear Craig, After having your team working on my house for the past six weeks I am just so impressed with them that I had to write to thank you, and them of course, for the excellent work they have done. 

Firstly I am so impressed with the people you employ, I don’t know how you do it but they have a great attitude. They work through with just a lunch break, they are all skilled at what they do and take pride in doing it right. Even under pressure they do not seem to cut corners and when there is a problem, they are calm, open, and positive. Most important they have always succeeded in finding solutions that have worked for me. You have had eight people on site some days and have all done good work and are a pleasure to have around, a real achievement.

So far you have run to an aggressive plan and budget so well that I am nervous this letter will break the spell. Clearly the team has been a key factor in your success. They all seem to know their part and you really do seem to take a very holistic view of the project. You are very effective in using this knowledge and your experience to identify and manage the issues that can hold things up and to spot the key details that need extra attention to ensure a great finish. On site Ben, like you, has been an excellent communicator, very effective in making sure that he knows what I want and is getting it right whilst not letting me slow things down. Both you and he have managed to fit in some extra refinements that have really enhanced the quality of the finish and spotted some savings in other areas. I see this as real added value.

You were certainly not the cheapest, but nonetheless I am very grateful to you and your team for exceeding my expectations and feel the decision is certainly paying off.  Thank you Craig and well done.” – Richard Betts


“I have worked with Craig Daniel on a range of domestic projects since 2007.  Having worked on various design projects both commercial and domestic over 30 years, I have never worked with a more professional Building Contractor.   Craig demands the highest standards from his workforce, both in terms of level of workmanship and respect for clients and their homes.

 His work is of the highest quality.  Projects are completed within budget, on time and often to very tight schedules.  Craig and his team have an understanding of design aesthetics and the importance of design detail, essential in the success of a quality project.  

 A client of mine on whose home Craig was working commented, “There are builders and then there is Craig – the difference is enormous.”  In my view this says it all.” – Sandra Da Silva Design


“Westbridge Construction really are an excellent outfit. We have used a number of lead-contractors on various jobs, and none match up to the care, attention and level of finished that we have experienced with Craig and his team. Always willing to explore different creative options and offer excellent advice in terms spatial use and best value –  they are totally dependable and a pleasure to deal with.” – Lichfields Limited